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Let Us Help To Keep Your Computer Running Securely and Trouble-Free!

Computer security becomes more important and complicated every day.  Hackers often target the operating system and other commonly used programs to gain access to your computer, and the best defense against these intrusions is to make sure your computer programs are up to date and secure.
Computer Doc offers a new preventative maintenance plan to address these issues.  This yearly plan will consist of a one-hour remote tuneup session that we will perform each quarter.  During this remote session we will:

1.    Update Windows and other vulnerable programs and ensure you have the latest security patches installed.
2.    Scan for viruses, malware and other security vulnerabilities and nuisances.
3.    Purge your temporary files and caches, which are often left behind by programs and can slow down your computer.
4.    Examine and reconfigure your computer startup routine to ensure maximum speed and performance.
5.    Check your backups to ensure your backup routine, software and hardware are working properly and current.
6.    Address any other issues that you bring to our attention.


As an added benefit, you will receive a 10 discount on our normal labor rate for any excess time spent on your computer to tune it up, including any house call labor charges, during the life of the maintenance plan.


The price for this plan for one computer/one year is $300 per year.  A second computer in the same household or company will cost $250, and a third or subsequent computers in the same household or company will cost $200 per year.  If you replace a computer covered under this plan, we can transfer the plan to the new computer.


At the end of the one year plan, any unused maintenance hours expire and you would need to repurchase the plan to continue another year.


We will keep track of when your quarterly maintenance is due, and contact you to arrange a mutually convenient time for to access your computer remotely and perform the tuneup.  If your computer is running poorly now, you might need a house call to initially bring it up to speed.  If you sign up for the yearly maintenance plan, you will receive the 15% labor discount for this initial house call.


If you are not presently a customer we have previously set up remote access on your computer, please call me so we can do that.  You can purchase this yearly plan by mailing us a check, or use your credit card by clicking on this link to Square Marketplace.

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